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We, at RIGID®, continuously strive to provide the best headlight bulbs for your car lighting needs. RIGID® offers Xenon bulbs with up to 100% more light on the road than traditional car Xenon bulbs.

Our RIGID® Vision LEDs are the first to market street-legal exterior LEDs as a direct replacement for exterior incandescent bulbs and they're guaranteed to last 12+ years.
RIGID® replacement auto headlights and upgrade headlight bulbs provide greater safety and style, to make the most of your driving experience.

Why choose RIGID lights?

Why choose RIGID lights?
RIGID® Xenon HID bulbs produce more light which  offers maximum safety

Xenon HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps offer twice as much light for safer driving in all conditions. The intense white light produced by the Xenon HID lamps is comparable to daylight. Studies have demonstrated that xenon automotive lighting helps drivers to concentrate on the road and to distinguish obstacles and road signs much faster than traditional lamps.
RIGID® car lamps are made of high-quality quartz glass

UV-Quartz glass is stronger than hard glass and highly resistant to temperature extremes and vibrations, which eliminates the risk of explosion. RIGID® quartz-glass lamps (filament 2 650º C and glass 800º C) are able to withstand severe thermal shock. With the capability of increased pressure inside the lamp, UV-quartz glass is able to produce a more powerful light
RIGID® car lamps are highly UV resistant

RIGID® special anti-UV coating technology protects the headlights against harmful ultraviolet radiation, making RIGID® UV-coated quartz glass ideal for all driving conditions and ensures their longevity at the same time.


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