Every RIGID® part is designed and manufactured to the strictest standards and precision. All parts that are distributed to different international regions meet all quality and market standards set forth by the governing agency, and often exceed those standards. If these parts do not meet the requirements and specifications, then RIGID® does not offer them to that region. It is important to us at RIGID® that the brand be synonymous with the highest quality standards.

Quality Policy

RIGID® build their parts by starting with the best raw materials and rely on the most innovative technologies and craftsmanship to ensure that they are unsurpassed in the industry. Our skilled technicians and manufacturers are held accountable for each and every RIGID® part that we sell. By manufacturing with such strict and demanding expectations, RIGID® is confident that any consumer who purchases RIGID® brand products will see, hear, or feel the difference immediately.

Our Mission

At RIGID®, our mission is to deliver precision and top quality products through ensuring safety and durability, and provide affordable solutions through ground-breaking manufacturing processes and innovation in the distribution networks. Ecobrex aims at creating the ultimate experience for all customers and clients through continuous efforts to achieve perfection. 

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